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Nottingham Forest 2018 Registration Form

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Club Membership Requirement for the Nottingham Forest Swim Team

Does your family reside in Nottingham Forest or Ashford Forest (living in Nottingham Forest Sections I-VII or Ashford Forest Sections I & II) OR is your family a dues-paying non-resident member of Nottingham Forest Club? If you answer NO, you must purchase a full NFC membership or a Swim Team Only membership from Nottingham Forest Club (Further information below). *

League Eligibility and Sportsmanship Form

MSBSC League Parental Release and Consent Confirmation of Eligibility and Sportsmanship Policy

It is extremely important that our athletes are not swimming outside of the league for such club teams as Dad's Club, ESC, or others.  All swimmers who wish to compete in the MSBSC League must have resigned from their year-round team by March 4, 2018. (They are free to re-join that year-round team immediately following Meet of Champs weekend.) 

MSBSC Sportsmanship Policy

MSBSC Eligibility Form

These forms can also be found in the Important Documents and Links tab. They will also be linked to your registration confirmation email. Please read and agree to these agreements and policies.

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Nottingham Forest Membership for Residents Outside Nottingham Forest Sections I-VII and Ashford Forest Sections I & II

Nottingham Forest Swim Team and the Memorial Spring Branch Swim Conference require all participant families to be "Members in Good Standing" with their club or association. This is a league requirement in the competition rules adopted by every team in the Memorial Spring Branch Swim Conference. 

If you are a Non-Resident (you do not reside in Nottingham Forest Sections I-VII or Ashford Forest Sections I & II), you must either purchase a Full Membership which will allow your family access to the NFC club facilities for the entire year, OR a Non-Resident Swim Team Only Membership that will allow your family access to the pool during swim team functions ONLY. Payment is made to: Nottingham Forest Club and is separate from the swim team registration fee. 

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Volunteer Hours

Our family understands that Nottingham Forest Swim Team and the Memorial Spring Branch Swim Conference would not be possible without the support of dedicated volunteers.  Our family agrees to contribute at least 10 hours of volunteer activity during the 2018 season, or our family agrees to pay  the volunteer opt out. 

VOLUNTEER LEADERS - If you would like to be a volunteer leader, please contact Debbie Blackwood for more information [email protected] We are looking for anyone who can contribute beyond the normal volunteer amount, you don't have to know everything there is to know about summer swim team in order to be a volunteer leader. 

Volunteer signups for meet jobs will be posted in early May. 

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Volunteer Opt Out

If you are unable to volunteer during the 2018 regular, dual-meet season, you may opt out for a fee of $300.  All parents are asked to be available to volunteer if their child is participating in the Meet of Champs.

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