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NFST 8 & Under Policy

The Nottingham Forest Swim Team prides itself on being inclusive of all skill levels while maintaining a competitive yet enriching experience for all swimmers. The policy for our youngest swimmers is designed to create a positive experience for them and provide a safe environment for our Sharks. 

  • The first two (2) days of practice for the 6 & Under, and 7 & 8 age groups are reserved for swimmers new to swim team at Nottingham Forest
  • All swimmers must agree to fully submerge their heads under water before they attempt swim practice. 
  • At the end of the second week of practice, all 8 and Under swimmers will attempt a timed, one-lap swim. The swimmer must independently swim the 25-yard length within one minute without touching the bottom of the pool in order to continue with swim team. 
    • We make every effort to create a supportive and encouraging environment on our one-minute swim day. Our coaches are in the pool with the young swimmers to add to it being positive experience for everyone.
    • Swimmers are allowed multiple tries on timing day and the following Saturday morning, if needed. 
    • The one-minute time limit is a Memorial Spring Branch Swim Conference league rule for participation in swim meets. 
    • Occasionally, weather/illness/other influence the outcome of the timing. The Head Coach has the final say on whether a swimmer will be able to participate past the first two weeks of practice.
    • Four-year olds are welcome at the first two weeks of practice. Due to weather/pool conditions/maturity, four-year old participation throughout the entire season is an exception. 
    • If a swimmer isn't ready and doesn't pass the one-minute timed swim -- it's OK!  Many kids who aren't ready one year return the next with great success. Bottom line: We want to encourage kids to learn to swim so that they are safe in the water throughout the year, and we want that experience to be positive. Coaches will give parents contact information for swim lessons with the hopes of your swimmer trying again the following season. (A full refund will be issued to registered families whose swimmers are not ready for the team.)
    • Our goal is to continue to grow our swim team! There is no limit to the number of Sharks we can have on the team.
    • If you have any questions please contact NFST Committee Co-Chair Michele Higgins.
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