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    NFST Sharks: Away Meet vs. Memorial Forest

    Monday, June 12: (AWAY) Meet vs. Memorial Forest Killer Whales

    • AWAY Meet at Memorial Forest: 12122 Memorial Drive 77079
    • Read attached note about Memorial Forest for more Meet Details
    • Swimmers and Volunteers arrive 5:00PM
    • NFST Warm Up: 5:25
    • Meet Starts: 6:00PM

    Heat Sheet:

    Coach Elaine will email the…

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    REMINDER TO OPT IN 6/12!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder to opt-in for our meet on Monday against Memorial Forest by 4:00 today!!! Thank you!

    Coach Elaine

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    Wilchester Meet Results & other Info!

    Hello Shark Family,

    I'm attaching the meet results from last night's meet. I'm so proud of our sharks!  We only lost by less than 100 points, which I understand to be amazing considering the talent and depth of the Wilchester Team. Our swimmers have been working very hard - and…

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    No OPEN practice or 6&zinder’s on Friday 6/9

    Hey Team!! 

    Another late night due to weather- so cancelling the Open practice at 7:30 and both 6& Under practices. We will resume regular practices at 9am with the 7/8 girls! Results will be sent out tomorrow after practices. Ty for a great meet! 

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    Come in at 6:50

    We are finally in a count down- come back in by 6:50! No more warmup- going to start as soon as we can. 

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    Still in holding pattern

    While we are waiting- which is at least another 30 minutes, the concession stand is still open if you’re interested. Please no heavy burgers for the swimmers! More to come! 

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    Stay in your cars until weather passes

    We are in contact w Wilchester and we will keep you posted. We are at least a 30 min delay. I’ll send notices as we know more. 

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    Heat sheet for Tonight's meet versus Wilchester!

    Please refer to the previous email regarding arrival and check-in times. Remember, parking will be limited, so please carpool wherever possible. No CANDY or JUNK Food until after your swimmer completes all their events. 

    Be sure to wear your shark gear, pack your cap and goggles and a couple of…

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    Snacks and Meals Pre-Swim Meets

    Hello Shark Family,

    I'm just giving you a website and a guideline for those asking what to feed your swimmer(s) before a practice or swim meet. The biggest takeaway is that you must keep it light but carbohydrate dense. Take small snacks with you and LOTS of water. Water is…

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    NFST Sharks: Away Meet vs Wilchester

    Thursday, June 8 (AWAY) Meet vs. WIlchester Wahoo

    • AWAY Meet at Wilchester: 880 Yorkchester Drive 77079
    • Read attached note from Wilchester for Meet Details
    • Swimmers arrive 5:00PM

    Meet Timeline:

    5:00 NFST Arrival and Volunteer Check In

    5:00-5:25 Wilchester warmup

    5:25-5:50 Nottingham Forest warmup

    5:40 Officials Meeting at the tent near…

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